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Dear Mistress

I am at a stage I thought I’d never reach.

I am locked, wearing panties, kneeling, and in my slutty worshipping nun Halloween costume.

A nun dedicates her life to worship. They take certain vows as part of their vocation, two of them being obedience and chastity. That is the position I am in now: my life is dedicated to worshipping you.

I am in chastity. I obey your orders.

And so I must now write this list in tribute: 10 Things I Worship About You.

1. Your deviousness. This might be a little bit too obvious to start out with. “Devious” is, after all, part of your name. But it’s entirely an appropriate moniker. On a daily basis, I do not know what you will order me to do. What you do is unexpected, it’s unpredictable, and it keeps me on my toes. I worship the way your devious mind always keeps me guessing.

2. Your cunningness. The reason why I never know what to expect from you is because you are shrewdly intelligent and cunning. You outwit me at every step. I am humbled in your presence. You have the ability to control me with only your mind.

3. Your power. I’m only unlocked when you allow me to be. I wear panties every day because you order me to. I dress up for you because I hope it will please you. I kneel for you every day, including now, as I write this. I have never submitted to anyone before, but by your own very powerful nature, you have made subservient and obedient. How could I not worship someone so powerful?

4. Your humour. Your deviousness, your cunningness, your power – all of that wouldn’t be possible if you didn’t desire at least a little pleasure from training and humiliating your slaves. It wouldn’t happen if you didn’t enjoy doing so. It is a cruel short of pleasure. You need to be pleased, and that comes at my expense and your joy.

5. Your attentiveness. You are not an absent Mistress. You message me several times a day to ensure that I remain obedient to you. You never miss an opportunity to put me in my place. It will never stop stinging the way you call me a “cock locked slut” nor will it never not be humiliating every time you order me to take a picture to ensure I am not cheating. Humiliating or not, it is what I deserve.

6. Your commitment. You desire obedience and submission above all. And you won’t allow me to get away with anything else. I’ve said before that your status as a Mistress isn’t just a hobby or some passing fancy; it is, for you, a lifestyle. You break and train your slaves the right way because you know that is what they need. I feel safe in your devious, cunning, powerful hands.

7. Your ability to push me. You respect my limits while also making it known that I need to be trained to obey and worship you. You punish me fairly when needed. You won’t order me to do things I would never do. But you know how to push me. There’s a difference between ushering someone out of their comfort zone and forcing someone past their limits. You have ushered me out of my comfort zone, but not my limits. You have trained me slowly, effectively, and made me learn more about who I am and who I am capable of. Without your strict hand, there are things I would never have known about myself.

8. Your caring nature. All the reasons why I worship you are personal in nature, including this reason. I’m your slave. I am here to obey and serve and please you. But I still feel you care about your slaves too.

9. Your perfectionism. You demand accountability and you do not let anything slide. You don’t let me take the easy way out of anything. The very first task you gave me was a punishment: it was to write 100 lines of your choosing. You told me that you would be able to know if I was rushing. I believed you. The first time you had me take a picture locked, you made me take and re-take the picture several times. You didn’t simply accept a poor, grainy attempt at a photo. You made sure that I got it right before you allowed me to continue forward. The perfectionism you demand from me (which I know I haven’t always been able to deliver) has permeated other aspects of my life. Errors and anything less than perfection, if I didn’t know this before, are entirely unacceptable.

10. Whatever comes next. It seems we are just scratching the surface here and the lengths I will go to worship and obey you. I worship even that which remains unknown.


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