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I have a slut that has been serving me for almost a year now and he doesn’t like photos of him being shown and as a professional Mistress I of course respect his hard limits.

Anyway today he booked some slavetasks as he often does and I had him cleaning his place in nothing but panties and his arse filled with a butt plug! 😂

The plug was testing one of his soft limits but he absolutely loved it! In fact he spent ages fucking his sissyhole for me and had an amazing experience! 🍆

He is now

🎀 My sissy maid 🎀

I also have a gimp sissy and sometimes when I’m not humiliating him in other ways I let him serve as my maid and he has been serving me for over 5 years now! Maybe I will add some photos of him here later on! 😈

The Task Mistress making boring house chores fun for sissies!

Have some boring jobs to do? Book a slavetask now and I will make them a whole lot more fun for you! 😈

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Every job, duty or chore is made better knowing it’s in service to the delightfully devious and cruel Task Mistress

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