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It’s summer time

So I sent my sissy out in a bikini

To have a splash in the river

With passers by walking around,

Just look at him acting like a total bimbo! 😂😂😂

The Devilish Task Mistress.


I prepared by shaving my body, dying my hair a little, and buying a new green bikini, i thought it would be fun to wear a summer dress and pretend to just be out walking and decide to take a little dip in the river.

I saw only the milkman as i headed there, it was just before 8am on a Saturday, and once off the country lane, through a field to the water's edge i changed and started the task.

I loved it, the weather was great, and really looking back should have spent a bit more time there and on the task, i was obviously worried about being seen, but there is something about being free in the country on a hot day, dressed as a sissy.

The water was cold, but exciting, i wish i found a deeper spot to really swim in, and also do some better and hotter photos post swim, but overall this was one of my favourite tasks.

I got dressed and then about 100 metres up river as i was heading home, spotted a lady dog walker and was slightly excited! I wish I had been caught!

Note by Mistress - More tasks are to follow sissy! 😈😈😈😈

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