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Below is a task report from one of my sluts that I had to punish! 😈😈😈

Hello Mistress

I have attached my morning pictures. I am branded and locked.

I received my punishment for disrespecting and disappointing you.

I wore panties when I wasn’t allowed to.

I didn’t ask permission. I didn’t wait to do so until I was told. I did so on my own accord.

This disappointed you greatly – partly because you had planned for me to start wearing panties outside of the home on my upcoming trip to the USA, and also because I went outside of your control. I acted on my own, which I am not allowed to do.

My punishment was three-fold.

First, I had to empty your Amazon Wish List. I always enjoy pleasing you with gifts, but this time it was different. This was not simply about you being pleased with taking from me. This was about me learning my lesson.

I sent you many things, including an amethyst-encrusted key. This key symbolizes your ownership over me and signifies that I am always locked up for you. You hold my key.

I am already receiving delivery and dispatch receipts from the items I gifted you, and each time I see them, I remember that you are receiving them as part of my punishment.

Second, I was ordered to write, fifty times, the words “I am owned by the Devious Task Mistress. I must always obey her and never disappoint her!” The thing about line writing punishments it that, from the outset, it seems like an easy punishment to endure. It’s not overtly painful, like I imagine corporal punishment to be. But it is quite time-consuming, tedious, and as the lines wear on, it becomes very tiresome.

The deviousness of line-writing is that it starts out easily but ends very difficultly. My hand was hurting, my knees hurt, and I felt humiliated every time I had to write the line.

The third part of my punishment was slapping my cock ten times, hard.

Whereas the first punishment was about you taking from me, primarily for your pleasure and my punishment, and whereas the second punishment was about humiliating me psychologically and reminding me, fifty times over, of where I belong, the third punishment was to humiliate me physically. To put me in pain. To remind me, in a firm, strict, quick (but hard to endure) manner that I am never to disrespect or disappoint you ever again.

Each slap, each one more painful than the last, drove home the fact that my disobedience is not acceptable, and that you will not tolerate it.

There were moments during my punishment where I contemplated, what I did to deserve all of this. Why hath Mistress forsaken me? “I have already given her so much!” I said to myself as I was being punished.

But it is not about how I have pleased you in the past. You have already rewarded me for such efforts. It’s about how I disobeyed you today. I learned that you must be continually pleased, and if you are not, I deserve to be punished.

The source of my disobedience was my wearing panties without permission. But, in your mercy, you have allowed me to continue wearing panties.

Like I’ve already said, this is a thrill for me. It’s like carrying around a secret only myself and you know about.

Now, all day, I cannot escape your control. Now, you own me no matter where I am.

Thank you for allowing me to wear panties.

I look forward to continually pleasing you.

Your slut.

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