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Hello TaskMistress

Well I tried your latest task "Dress up as a passable sissy for me. And go into a shop and buy some panties."

As you know this is a big one, and you chose PVC trousers and a pink low cut Satin Blouse to wear and the panties had to be girly and/or lacey.

So... i decided i would go to the Trafford Centre first thing in the hope there would be less crowds, but also its convenient, i chose to buy from next as their store is large and near(ish) to the toilets so i could change and literally just go on a bit of a mission to the lingerie area and buy these. This was still a massive walk, and involved going from one floor to the other.

I had debated whether to try this for a few days but decided to go for it today, i did wear an ann summers teal bra and thong set underneath, shaved my ankles and also put on a little foundation and women's deodorant to go as much as a passable sissy as possible for you.

I had loose tracksuit bottoms on but all the time from door to door my pvc trousers (which are extremely tight as photos videos will show) were also hot and as i took off my tracksuit bottoms in the toilet cubicle and just pondered what i was about to do i was hoping not to get too excited as the tight pvc trousers left little to the imagination.

Without too much thought i burst out the toilets and made my way to Next, i probably just was focused with head down - and zip on my coat too revealing the bright pink blouse and only when i got onto the escalator (i was filiming) did i stop and start to become more aware of others and the looks. I was already out in public so just owned it, the looks i got from women i quite enjoyed to be honest... and felt really sexy and thrilling to wear effectively latex trousers in a busy shopping centre in the underwear dept, with women around of all ages. I know they would be checking me out.

I took a bit of time selecting the panties, and looking around, as it was 3 for 2 i got 3 pairs and all lacey and girly for you as requested.

The biggest bit of perhaps panic was walking with the panties to pay, i kinda bumped into an elderly lady and she was apologising to me, so again a normally horrifying and embarrassing moment was handled, i spoke to her and say its ok and its my fault etc. - talking to people dressed in womens clothes buying underwear in public!!!!

Then there was paying, i arrived 2 women were in front, they could not help but look, borderline stare at my purchases and also my trousers and top (note - i also shaved my chest to be more sissy for this before departing) and they sadly has a quering and the queue behind me grew and grew whilst the only assistant was on the phone. The ding dongs to get more staff rang out all the time knowing a queue of women were behind me - i felt judged but stayed strong. I was hoping the assistant that called me would not be a hot woman but luckily it wasn't she was sweet and even asked me "Do you want a bag Sweetheart" so i think judging by this i definitely passed as a sissy.

I exited the store and walked about a bit before changing back into the tracksuit bottoms after about 10 mins.

This was a tough task, but i feel glad i did it, it was a big step for me but I feel so much better having done it for you Mistress, thank you, I feel really happy and proud.

Pics and video attached.


Sissy Natalia xx

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