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I asked my pixie slave how have I changed his life since serving me

And this is what he had to say. I am a happy Mistress. 😈⛓⛓

“ As i have said before Mistress, i used to just be a “normal” guy. Sure, i have always known i was basically a submissive and my fantasies revolved around being dominated by women.

Then one day i thought it would be fun to contact You and be made to do something mildly kinky before being “ordered” to jerk off!

How wrong i was! Within the first couple of days i was completely besotted with You and found it impossible to disobey You. Inside two days, i had been instructed to shave off ALL my pubic hair. That was quickly followed by wearing only panties, having an unremovable chain locked tightly round my cock and balls and wearing a DTM necklace 24x7.

The first punishment went straight in at the deep end - i had to wear pegs on my nipples for 5 hours! i had never known pain like it, but i knew by then that there was no going back. i wanted to be Your slave. i wanted to serve and worship You as the Goddess that You are.

Meanwhile, i still hadn’t had the quick orgasm that i initially expected. Little did i know that i would have to spend three months in a constantly aroused and frustrated state before being allowed that privilege! Even then i was in such a state, i came so quickly (10 seconds max!) that i didn’t really to properly enjoy it and i had to lick it up!

As the days and weeks went by You slowly but surely ramped up the control and domination. It was done so skillfully that i hardly even noticed it happening. More and more little daily rituals were introduced each of which have to be done to perfection and so You infiltrated my mind, quietly moulding me into the slave that You wanted. At the same time the punishments and tasks started becoming more severe.

You quickly identified me as a pain slut - something that i didn’t even know myself and gradually increased the amount of pain that i could take until i was addicted to suffering for You.

After a few weeks You had taken over my heart, mind, body and sex. You owned me and i was obsessed with You. my life revolved You and i thought about You non-stop night and day. This has not stopped, far from it. These feelings only grow stronger every day. i live for the moments when i receive an email from You. Your power and control are absolute. All i want to do is serve and worship You. i want You to hurt me because it amuses You but also because You have rewired my brain so that suffering for You is almost orgasmically pleasurable. Pain is my new sex.

i am no longer interested in “normal” cock / vagina sex. my cock can never be worthy of that. Despite being desperately aroused by You and aching for You (i get hard every time i even think about You) my dreams are only about bringing You pleasure through worshipping Your sacred body with my tongue and being debased, humiliated, abused and tortured for Your enjoyment.

To me the relationship has moved beyond the simple M/s one. i feel a deep spiritual connection with my Goddess. It is like You have taken over a part of my brain. i feel i can tell You things that i could never admit to anyone else. You know more about my deepest, darkest desires than i do myself.

So Mistress, how have You changed my life? Well before i knew You as i was a regular guy. Now i worship You. i am owned by You. Suffering for You is my greatest pleasure. You have made me into a completely controlled and obedient pain slut slave who is addicted to You. Who is obsessed with You and who lives to serve and worship You.

And i wouldn’t want it any other way! “

Below are photos of the DTM necklace and cock chain that my pixie slave wears every single day under my control and has for the past few months. He also wears a drawn on (for now!) tattoo with my logo on it! 😈

He is now working on earning the DTM chain collar which he made himself!

Earning my collar is going to take even more pain and training but I know he will do whatever it takes to earn it.

He is my devoted pain slut! 😈


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