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Below are five reasons why my bitch worships me

They are many more reasons why he does

And many more slaves that do!

The Task Mistress.


1. I worship you because you are strict. I need discipline in my life. You are strict, but fair with your punishments. I trust in you.

2. I worship you because you are a beautiful Goddess. I was drawn to you and knew I wanted to worship you immediately when I so luckily came across your website.

3. I worship the way you give out tasks. They are not easy, but they are not supposed to be. They are lessons for me to learn, and you are a great teacher.

4. I worship your wit and intellect. You put me in my place when needed with your words, and your intelligence is apparent. You give off an aura of something otherworldly, something ethereal. This is why I worship you.

5. I worship you because I know I don't deserve you. And yet you so graciously give me your time, for which I am forever grateful. I know that I have to earn every second with you, I know that I am pathetic, and I know that I am your inferior.

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