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Updated: Apr 27, 2020

Just imagine The Devious Task Mistress making you fall in love and actually date a dildo! 💜 🍆

That is exactly what I made this task slave do for my amusement and he loved it, literally! 😂 😂 😂

He was first made to go to a sex store (for the first time ever) and personally pick out his lover, and that was the “easy” part.

After that he was made to name it and date it! He called his dildo lover boy and watching him and his dildo date and fuck was so fucking funny and utterly humiliating for him! 😈 😂

Want to be made to fall in love with a dildo or a sex doll or something else humiliating for my amusement just like this slave did? Of course you do! 😉🌀💜🍆

Book a kinky slavetask and experience my expert Devious Domination now!

Email to book or enquire:

My wonderful kinky slavetasks are available every single day at just £12 each, although it is always wise to send a little extra to make a good first impression and please me like you know you should!

I accept many forms of payment and personalise my kinky tasks to your fetishes and kinks. Have a wonderful slavetask created by The Devious Task Mistress today! What are you waiting for?


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Such incredible creativity, I adore that feeling of embarrassment and shame but knowing it is no more than I deserve and is the natural position. A fabulous blog, thank you Mistress for sharing your devious creativity, not worthy

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